How you fold a T-shirt

Design by Dana Ben Shalom  – “How you fold a T-shirt”

Master’s Degree in Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Designer video

Folding clothes is an everyday ritual, it is one’s own private philosophy, it is a slice of a human routine we never stop to think about. This ritual is a process, it holds a variety of methods, body movements and hand gestures. At times it passes through generations, sometimes between lovers, or it is an outcome of improvisation according to a size of a shelf. For me, the Youtube ‘How To Fold a T-shirt’ efficiently, is the antitheses of this romantic observation. It is in someway a reflection of what we become – a mirror to our utilitarian, profitable world. The work presented is based on a short ethnographic research on methods of T-shirt folding in real life, it seeks to bring back the humaneness the Youtube video lacks and focuses on the interphases of the folding act. In this project old dying techniques became tools of mapping and emphasising folding methods and created a new printed T-shirt aesthetics.

Dana Ben Shalom



How_to-Dana-Ben-Shalom-photo_Moti_Fishbainphotos by Moti Fishbain


Designer video

Inspiration video


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