How to fold ceramics

Design by Eran Barbakov   – “Platedae”

Ceramics and Glass Design Dept. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Designer video

While watching the selected video – “how to fold a shirt the smart way!” – I felt that the folding action created three kinds of movement: The first is the movement of the object, the shirt, which can change it appearance by shrinking and expending from a spread form into a folded form, in an almost magical way. The second is the motion of the women; I was amazed by the “smart” mathematic system that the women used to fold the T-shirt. And the third is the dance between the object and the human body. From this point of view, as a ceramic artist, I created a ceramic object which responds to these three movements. The ceramic object was made by folding a ceramic geometric system, based on a dodecahedron shape which allows it to shrink and expend. But its movement potential needs a person to work with; thus, I invite the guests to take part in the work, by using their own body movement and weight to move together with the object.




photos by Moti Fishbain

Inspiration video

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