How to fold T-shirts Japanese way

Design by Tal Gur – “Schnitzel”

Inspiration video

Designer videoPhotography and editing by Noam Gur

The generic button down shirt is one of the symbols of efficiency in the modern era. The eclectic
YouTube channel largely reflects the post-modernist multiplicity, where reference for moments
and old habits of the past can be found. These are the “How to…” clips which, in this case, teach
us how to fold these shirts in an efficient manner. This clip, the methods of which are completed by
and for women, demonstrate shirt folding skills and share their techniques with the viewers.

I refer to the white shirt as a symbol of an era, of order, of social standing and of place. In my
creation, I bring together the meat hammer, blue ink and the white shirt. This action mixes two
feminine worlds – cooking and cleaning – and dares to soil the white shirt, not just with ink, but also
with menial housework. The white shirt staining process, also used back home during holidays and
the Sabbath, was performed on six shirts. The seventh shirt remains pure white.

Beijing design week exhibition

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