How to sharpen a knife with a plate

Design by Tehila Levi Hyndman – “Echoes Porcelain”

Inspiration video

Designer movie

photo by Tehila Levi Hyndman
By imitating the sharpening movement of the child in the original YouTube clip, thin and delicate
porcelain shavings are created. The porcelain shavings are then put back together, echoing both the
sharpening movement and the original porcelain plate, with it’s traditional decoration making.

Photo by Chelin Miller         Photo by Chelin MillerPhoto by Chelin Miller

Designer words:

A child with a knife. Mother’s knife‫.‬

Mother sharpening Parmesan and marzipan‫.‬

A child is making a play‫.‬

A knife is scratching on a porcelain‫ ‬ in a front of a camera on the kitchen table‫.‬

I take the intelligence inclination and intensify the  fantasy value as a beautifully decorated ceramic chinaware with individually painted rustic scenes fit for the top of your’s grandmother TV‫.‬

A serious statement made all the sharper by its self conscious impossibility‫.‬

I take his technique and learn how to make it on my surgical table‫.‬

The echoes of tightly tied‫.‬Leaf upon the other leaf‫.‬Sharp as ice.

Forming a flower of controlled destructive forces in blossom.

Awesome in its application of intelligence and skill to a purpose utterly at odds with his nature against atom heart mother.

Photo by James Wasserman

Beijing design week exhibition

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