How to make a handmade lure

Design by Xiao Tianyu – “Rhythm. Curve.”

Inspiration video

Designer video

Inspired by the handmade lure video, I want to rethink elements of Ming Dynasty-style furniture – redefine
their shapes and sizes to create a sense of resonance between their parts. In other words, I want to create
something organic, something that is in a state of morphing, and something that reflects the natural shapes and curves of nature.

The furniture is already within the wood. All I need to do is to take out the extra material, like in the video,
which feels likes the creator brought the fish out of the wood and into existence.

I believe that modern furniture should not be mass made, which is often cheap, disposable, and inorganic.
The furniture that we use these days are products of industrialism and consumerism, and I want to change
that. I want to go back to the roots of furniture, employing traditional craftsmanship techniques and skill,
and to make something that is durable, organic and can, eventually, one day become an heirloom.

     Photo by Chelin Miller

Beijing design week exhibition

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